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Make no mistake about it, Andre Villas-Boas may have gotten the sack today for losing another in a series of long matches, but it was getting run out of Naples that brought the vultures out. Eight months in charge and they were struggling in the Champions League, clawing to stay focused in the FA Cup, but they were in a run of form that was laughable for a club their size: one win in the last seven games. For a […]

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The reports are out that the Special One has been spotted house-hunting in London. With Spurs expected to lose good old Harry Redknapp to the England job come Euro, before or after and with Jose on the outs with the Real Madrid media, establishment and fans supposedly, it’s a short hop, skip and a jump linking the two. It’s fairly certain that where there is smoke there is fire. Mourinho would love to return to England where he gets a […]

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It’s St. Valentine’s Day today in the U.S., I guess it is no matter where you are in the world I might add whether it’s celebrated or not in your corner of the world, but in mine, people’s thoughts are on love and happiness, unity and togetherness. Or that’s what they say they are. It could be they’re only thinking of themselves and what they want. Love is a lot like poker. Go to some of these poker sites, play […]

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It has not been the greatest of experiences for Marcelino Garcia Toral. Sevilla is a club with a very distinct identity, forged by its bright and energetic sporting director Monchi and the high-octane play at its pinnacle under Juande Ramos. Ever since the spectacular falling-out between the former manager and the half of the city that supports los nervionenses, the club have struggled to find a way back to the confidence they played with just a handful of years ago […]

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Consider this scenario: your opponent is a Cinderella side from the Segunda B, but having inexplicably scalped Racing Santander and Villarreal, you fear the improbable. Cornellà was a hospitable host for the small club from Miranda de Ebro, but now they were going home having blown a 1-2 lead as Espanyol scored twice in the last 5 minutes. In the newspapers the jabatos were declaring a sporting war, the battle of the River Ebro they called it, and if they wanted it […]

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We lost two coaches in La Liga this week, Juan Carlos Garrido from Villarreal and Goyo Manzano from Atlético Madrid. Both firings were expected, results are often the end-all and be-all on whether or not you keep your job I guess, but the process leaves me more than a bit puzzled, annoyed even. Garrido was fired after losing to Mirandés in the Copa del Rey, and Manzano subsequently to his own inability to take down a similar second division side […]

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The buildup to this match was ridiculous; a veritable undertow of hype and overwrought cliches. For months we´ve been hearing that Barcelona had been caught and a rampant Real Madrid in a typically accomplished José Mourinho second year would soon have their day at home amongst their fans at the Santiago Bernabeu. The league would be sentenced, another Copa del Rey tossed before the advancing buses and the psychological edge would be theirs, breaking the blaugrana hegemony and propelling them […]

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Gary Speed died yesterday. He was found in his home. He hung himself. He left a wife and kids, a successful career as Wales manager, and a legacy in football through his many clubs that is admirable. He was well-liked; an inspiration to people he played with or for. We mourn for his family. We question the reasons, or at least we hint at it when we say that he had everything to live for, a perfect life, but unless […]

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The Ball is Flat ladies and gentlemen. “There is no there there”, as Gertrude Stein once said. What we are seeing is smoke and mirrors, the left-over burp-smell from a really good meal. Football est kaput. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cover it or that it isn’t in the slightest bit interesting, rather it seems actually far more interesting the more dysfunctional it gets. I love Sepp Blatter. Michel Platini is great. They’re like two castoffs from the new Hobbitt […]

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The Ball is flat is a weekly column of ours here at Forza Futbol, where we talk about the important themes that are careening around La Liga: foreign ownership, corruption, referees, the unfair duopoly that rules the competitions, but nothing is more central to what we do (covering the league as a whole without prejudice) than examining the unfair distribution of money. It´s why we support La Liga Justa. It´s why we are so critical of Real Madrid and Barcelona […]

Posted by Forza Futbol On Nov - 9 - 2011 3 Comments READ FULL POST
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