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Gary Smith gives us his top 5 center backs currently plying their trade in La Liga.  Enjoy!
 5.Inigo Martinez 


Martinez plays for Real Sociedad and is a major factor of why  La Real have managed to qualify for the champions league.

He is fast, strong in the air, and can read the game. He is still young (only 22) and will only become a better player with age.

He has also scored 7 goals in 60 appearances which is roughly a goal every 9 matches. Not too shabby for a centre-back.


4.Marc Valiente

Valiente is 25 years of age and is solid defensively,

but at the same time but can also help the attack upfront, a bit like David Luiz.

The Real Valladolid player rarely gives away silly fouls.

Like most centre-backs he is physically strong. He averages 6 accurate long balls per match which is rather impressive.  He is an all round quality player.

3.Sergio Ramos


Ramos is known for his rash tackles and hot-headedness, he has great pace
and a strong physical presence.

Though he has made the centre back role his own at Real Madrid, personally, I still prefer him as a right-back.  He was used in a right-back role in the 2010 world cup to great effect.

Another asset to Ramos’ game is that he can score goals. He likes to take shots from long-range and powerful free kicks and is a goal threat on a corner kick.


2. Gerard Pique


Pique is not the fastest defender around but he makes up for his lack of pace with the ability to make well-timed challenges.

He does not concede many fouls and is comfortable with the ball at his feet. Strong in the air, he has scored a few goals from corners and free-kicks.


1. Pepe









Pepe forms a great partnership with Ramos and makes far less irrational challenges. He has a lot of strength and is great at tackling.  He has speed and is able to read attacking plays with ease.  He has great positioning as way and is a leader in the backline.

With his varied experience and tough as nails approach in defense, he is still the best centre-back in the La Liga.



-Gary Smith


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Forza Futbol On August - 31 - 2013

8 Responses so far.

  1. Seun says:

    Obviously a Madrid fan

    • Chris says:

      If he were a Madrid fan, Pique, wouldn’t be in the top five, and Ramos and Pepe would swap places. Ramos is clearly the best centre-back in the league. Pepe and Pique shouldn’t be on the list. Pique is an absolute amateur. There was a reason Man Utd. let him go.

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  3. Sergi says:

    Hilarious…I’m a madrid fan but not sure pepe is even in the top 5 on his own team. The guy is awful…the other 4 are very good if pique comes back into form

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