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The future of Fernando Llorente’s international career depends on the striker remaining in Spain rather than chasing huge wages in the Premier League.


Llorente, who is in the last year of his contract at Bilbao, failed to force a move away from the club in the summer, and will soon be free to talk to clubs about a transfer away.
“I cannot guarantee that I will still be with Athletic in 2013,” Llorente told Cadena SER. “In January, I’m free to talk and I will consider all my options.” A potential move could be a huge blow for Los Leones, however.


Llorente will have a big decision to make in the near future, as Manchester City, Liverpool, and Spurs chase the 27-year-old’s signature, while Real Madrid are also touted as a final destination for the striker.


It is certainly clear that Madrid or any of Spain’s top clubs would be a better option than moving to the Premier League.  Llorente’s game would change in England, with managers seeing the 6ft 5in frame of the striker as a clear target to send long balls.


Llorente would transform into a go-to man, something that contradicts his style at Athletic Bilbao and the Spanish ethos of keeping the ball on the ground. Although he may be effective in England, it could mean him sacrificing a place in the national side.


Very few Spanish strikers make a success of the Premier League and even less retain a place in Spain’s squad doing so; while Fernando Torres has done okay, the likes of Fernando Morientes and Juan Antonio Reyes proved adapting to the game can be difficult.


Athletic Bilbao’s striker will not be used like David Silva or Juan Mata are at City and Chelsea, two teams topping the Premier League odds for the title; instead will be expected to hold the ball up, create flick-ons for teammates and charge into the box for in-swinging crosses whenever possible.


This game would completely undermine his talents as a footballer, contradicting his style that has earned him a place for Spain.


Should he fail to quickly adapt to the Premier League, he would soon find himself cast aside, much like Reyes and Morientes when fans turned on them following a string of poor performances. At 27, Llorente does not have time to turn his career around should he make a mess of an English transfer.


He is not a young starlet and he should not be changing his style of play at this stage of his career; it is too much of a risk. Instead, Llorente should stay in Spain and fight for a national team place, rather than chase wages abroad.


Forza Futbol On September - 19 - 2012

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  1. Soccerlogical says:

    Very convenient of you to leave out successful EPL based players like Silva, Mata and Cazorla. I’m surprised you didn’t add the likes of Riera and Garcia to you biased list. Not to mention your odd logic, considering The Lion King is the strongest and most formidable outta the bunch.

    Last I checked, Llorente had a terrific season at Bilbao prior to the Euros and didn’t get a sniff in Ukraine/Poland.

    PS You must be related to that “Mango” guy who finally stopped doing pods. :)

  2. Forza Futbol says:

    Hi SL thank you for your comment. The writer feels that Fernando Llorente is better suited to the Spanish League and style of play. He also feels that Llorente is good but not world class, the likes of Cazorla, Silva or Mata.

    Llorente did have a terrific season but he was exhausted at the end. In fact he did not score in the last several games including the Copa del Rey and Europa League finals. In addition his mind was elsewhere due to his desire for a transfer. This is why he did not get game time at Euro 2012. (A similar thing happened to David Silva at the World Cup who was benched after the first game vs Switzerland.)

    • Soccerlogical says:

      Are you actually using 3rd person when talking about yourself mate?

      PS Neither Santi or Mata have played enough on a consistent level to be considered world class AND your point was about success in the EPL where its physicality would obviously suit Llorente who has technique to boost.

      • Forza Futbol says:

        No, we have several guest writers. I personally didn’t write this article, but I am glad for the debate. If you have watched La Liga and La Roja, you will know that Silva, Mata, and Cazorla are world class players, though underappreciated as there is an abundance of midfield magicians in Spain.

        People think Llorente is all about physicality but it is a combination of both technique, skill and aerial presence.

        I personally want Llorente to leave at a good price. I think that the relationship is broken and it is time to move on. January transfer window. I think he needs to go to Juventus who is more than just the long ball, or an EPL club like Tottenham or Liverpool who try to play the ball on the ground too.

        • Soc says:

          Any purist would wanna see Llorente at a club like Juve, Tottenham (or even Arsenal or Barca) as opposed to a Stoke. I highly doubt he would choose a long ball club as he has many top suitors.

          As for Mata and Santi already being considered world class. IMO, one must be consistent for several years for club and country to be put in a realm with the likes of Zidane, Xavi, Iniesta, Pirlo, etc. Santi and Mata def have the potential (and probably will become world class) but I think it is too early to label them such, Many considered Rooney, Robinho, Walcot, Reyes, Melo, Krasic, Diego, and others world class at some point or another.

          The likes of Hazard, Santi, Mata, Reus and a few others are definitely on their way, but must still prove themselves over a more consistent basis methinks.

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