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A Better Lens at Spanish Football





e.e. cummings eat your hear out!  A little Forza Futbol poem on the Spain vs Italy game by Valenciano  Javier de Roque!  Enjoy!



So the word on the internet is Vicente del Bosque got into the funny juice
and made some crazy calls for the Italy confrontation.

And I must say watching the match I was also at a loss.

How does one;
against Italy;
play no striker.

I thought back to the last time I had witnessed Spain play with no striker..
Then I thought back to the Euro we won.

The world cup we won.

No I do not recall every seeing us play with no striker.


Yet as the whistle blew on Sunday and the ball was kicked it was offically

Old Vicente had decided.. hell to that old tired strategy..

We don’t need a striker. And then promptly had a nap.


Well as the match went on to me at least it became evident that while Spain clearly dominated play..

No one seemed to be quite sure what to make of it once they reached the box.

At one point Silva clear on net passed back.. nobody seemed to have the strikers goal scoring desire to take the shot.

Was the strategy to walk it into the net?


While the front attacking squad looked dominant if not confused.

The back four looked unorganized and confused.

The lack of Puyol to hold order was evident with several break away chances that the
Italians were unlucky to convert on.


Even so Spain remained dominant in posession and looked solid to win if they
could just come to a concensus on who would shoot the ball into the net.

The answer came from Di Natale.. in my opinion Italy’s most lethal forward
and oddly bench warmer til moments before.

Maybe it was a full moon?

While the goal was a splash of cold water.. Spain fans and first girlfriends are used to a poor first day performance.

And it only got better from there.

Fabregas’s quick response due to a gorgeous through pass by Silva set the teams level again before the Italians had a chance to make camp and call it a night.

And so the dance continued.


Suddenly it seemed that Vicente del Bosque woke up, took a look at the pitch

Quick put on Villa ! SHAT! SOLDADO ! oh shazbot!

Find Torres get out there!


Torres pulled up his socks and pranced onto the the pitch and performed such a beautiful performance shooting wide here.. getting beaten
by the goalie there.

Oh if only that net was 10 feet tall and 20 wide.

What a great day it would have been for wonderkid Torres.

But it isn’t.. and Torres instead reminded us that he is in fact not Villa.. and that net sure is tiny.


and Vicente knows that too.

So he played Fabregas instead.

So we at least scored once.


Amunt !
Javier De Roque



Elisa On June - 13 - 2012

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