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A quick bit of information for those inquiring minds. With clubs rolling out the kit designs for La Liga 2011-2012, there was some debate as to what the new sponsors were going to be. According to Marca, these are the clubs and their sponsors.

Athletic: Petronor; a Basque owned petroleum manufacturer.
Atlético: none confirmed; possible Ashley Madison, the online dating service.
Barcelona: Qatar Foundation; a Qatari-based Educational non-profit
Betis: none confirmed
Espanyol: none confirmed
Getafe: Burger King; Amerian fast-food outlet
Granada: none confirmed
Málaga: UNESCO; United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Mallorca:; German-based online betting company
Osasuna: none confirmed
Racing de Santander: Chorizos Palacios; La Rioja-based sausage manufacturer
Rayo: none confirmed
Real Madrid: Bwin; Gibraltar-based on-line betting company
Real Sociedad: Gipuzkoa; regional organization of Gipuzkoa, Spain.
Sevilla: none confirmed
Sporting: Gijón Asturias; city of Gijon Asturias
Valencia: none confirmed
Villarreal: none confirmed
Zaragoza: Proniño, a non-profit arm of the telecommunications giant.

There has been some movement since the article in Marca was published, but nothing really confirmed. I think some will again be highlighted by their local councils or city governments and some might find a company willing to sponsor the shirt deal but most likely it will come from within Spain. The best sponsorship deal I think is Athletic´s. I know they are well known through much of their existence to not have had sponsors, but this is a win on many counts. It´s a multinational organisation with Basque roots. The worst has got to be Burger King with Getafe. I seriously wonder if they will continue now that their new Dubai owners have come. Will they and the Malaga owners circumvent new UEFA regulations by signing new stadium deals? I think my favorite deal is the one that Racing Santander got. Chorizos Palacios, a Spanish sausage manufacturer from La Rioja? Cue the sausage jokes, please.

Forza Futbol On July - 22 - 2011


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4 Responses so far.

  1. @arkulari says:

    Gipuzkoa represents the sponsorship of the region's government to the team, same as Bizkaia is for Athletic's training gear ;)

    Petronor is paying around €2.5m/year for the shirt sponsorship, if Athletic wins the Europa League they will give around €80m to the team and if it is the Champions League the incentive could go up to €100-120m.

    It is also worth of notice that the New San Mamés will only cost Athletic €50m, the rest of the money will be given by Bilbao's Town Hall, Bizkaia's government, BBK (a Basque bank) and the Basque government.

  2. @arkulari says:

    given, not lent to the team, but given, San Mamés is like Anoeta a municipal multi sports arena.

  3. @espanyolusa says:

    Municipalities like Gipuskoa, Bizkaia and a handful of others in Primera alone have sponsored or currently sponsor the club, as does the tourism industry and banks, etc. That´s the way to go, once the economy turns. There is a tendency in modern football to find the easy fix, wait for the oil money, but that´s a trap. You lose your identity as a club and as a member. It is very important that clubs in Spain remain tied to their city, to their land, and to their support. Some have great fans while others have lost their way, but Athletic is a rare jewel. No one does it like they do. It´s almost a glimpse at what being a socio at a club used to be. I listened to the coverage of the elections all day that day. Fascinating stuff.

  4. @arkulari says:

    They aren't municipalities but regions in Euskadi ;)

    Apart from that I completely agree with that, if you ever go to Bilbao on a match day you will find the city flooded with red and white, the balconies with flags, even the statues have a flag on them when Athletic is going to play in San Mamés, the club is a huge part of who we are as Biscayans, it's beyond a passion, it is a feeling and it's very tied to our land, that's why we're notoriously loyal to the team.

    The club really belongs to the people and that's why the local government and companies are so invested into it, Athletic will never have economic problems.

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